What Others Are Saying


During the past 9 years of having Carol as my health practitioner, I have watched Bridge to Higher Health grow tremendously in the services and products they offer. I have had the opportunity to experience the Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy, Aqua Detox ionic foot bath, Biofeedback, and the BIE. All have made improvements to my health and wellbeing.   The BIE is absolutely amazing in how it works and when combined with Carol’s knowledge and insight, I can walk out of there feeling like I could take on the world! It is comforting to me of how Carol expresses such genuine concern for the health issues that I face. It is also very impressive of how Carol works relentlessly to expand her knowledge so she can better help me and all of her clients.   Along with my health, another big concern is “how much is this gonna cost me?” I have found Bridge to Higher Health is very fair in their pricing for products and services. That conveys to me that their concerns lie with my health rather than making a quick dollar.- Shannon


I first contacted Andrew for a pinched sciatic nerve and got relief after several treatments.  In the years that followed I suffered a major stroke. (several)  I continue to get acupuncture for my stroke side as well as fluid retention.  I find the treatments give me an overall sensation of good health.  I feel like I can walk without touching the floor. Like it's effortless and I have not been able to walk on my own for 4 years. (My aids and I joke with Andrew it's time for a trip to the moon!)  The treatments are better than any drug and well worth the money.  Andrew is always kind, professional and very compassionate.   Signed Dorothy  82 years of age


I Feel Much Better!! I always get great results when I see Carol. She is very concerned with getting to the core of my issues and balancing my body, rather than just covering up the symptoms as conventional medicine usually does. The Detoxifying Footbaths are amazing for bringing back the energy level, especially if I feel that I am coming down with a cold. I always highly recommend Carol to my friends and clients at my business!!!           Andrea W.           

In my 63 years on this planet, I have worked with allopathic doctors and many alternative practitioners and healers.  I know of no other person with the breadth of knowledge of Carol Brosius.  She is expanding her knowledge on a daily basis enrolled in many different courses that will help her clients.  She imparts that knowledge in a way that is inviting and non-judgmental.

Every change I have made in my lifestyle and eating habits that Carol has suggested and supported me through has made a marked improvement in my health.   If you have tried conventional approaches to your health, whether you have a chronic condition you believe you will have to live with for the rest of your life, or if you want to improve your health and vitality, schedule an appointment with Carol.  She will create a specific plan that will move you in the direction you are desiringVicki L. Fox


I have worked with Carol Brosius for a number of years. She has helped me completely regain my health. She researches all products & procedures scrupulously. She takes many classes from world famous people regularly. She thinks "outside the box", combining her vast knowledge of nutrition, functional medicine & all aspects of holistic health & healing to solve long-standing, debilitating & chronic health problems.  Jan K.


Carol is great to work with, knowledgeable, caring, and willing to work with you one on one to help accomplish a better level of health. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a holistic approach. Kelly W.


Great experience - will definitely go back! Carol was very helpful and informative in figuring out what was going on with me when I was experiencing a health crisis. She took the time to listen, energy test, and offer high-quality supplements along with counseling. I would definitely recommend making an appointment with her if you are looking for an alternative way to treat your health issues.  Tracy G.


I have always gotten results!!  C.R.


She was a lifesaver for me. Will go back! Doctors could not find any solution to my ongoing symptoms. Changing my diet and lifestyle gave me very little relief from my chronic pain and exhaustion. After seeing Carol I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. She is very generous with her time and energy to make sure you continue your recovery.She adapts the treatment to fit your needs and requirements. Unlike traditional doctors, she listens carefully to your problems and treats your whole body, not just part of your body. Best healthcare giver I've ever had!  Rosanne F.


Carol is very knowledgeable and caring person. She is very generous in giving her time and energy to find out what is wrong with you. After she recommends a treatment she always follows up to see how I feel. She pulled me through some serious health crises. Whatever she recommended as far as treatments, supplements and good nutrition it really worked for me. Carol is passionate about helping people feel better. My husband and I always say that she is a God-given gift to humanity; therefore we thank God for people like her. I definitely recommend her to everyone who's seeking better health. Adele C.


Nice place, nice people. Carol is wonderful.


 Chris Bohonyi

Highly recommend! She helped me for the first time during a crucial time in my career! She really takes her time and is very detailed. I would recommend her to all my own friends and family. Very thankful for having Carol in my corner for my overall optimal health!