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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a community of healing through education, motivation and alternative modalities. We are devoted to helping each person fully express his or her most complete health and wellness goal. At Bridge To Higher Health, heart centered energy, wisdom, and healing come together one person at a time.



We have a very unique approach to staying healthy.    We focus on helping each individual to turn off their stress response before it damages healthy cellsThe busy, multi-tasking, high anxiety, stressful work-a-day world we live in causes an unprecedented amount of stress and voraciously uses up methyl groups.  A shortage of methyl groups means poor detoxification and poor detoxification inevitably means disease will develop. 

Anger, worry, grief, fear... and stress in general eventually lead to physical disease.  Because of the importance placed on balanced emotions and a healthy mental outlook, treating stress and creating a harmonious state of balance - promoting peace of mind and long-term physical health and vitality will keep you in optimum performance.   Our approach promotes a natural energy balance.  We invite you to experience stress relief and feel the balance!!!

How Will I Benefit? Each modality is available individually to obtain the results needed or create a custom designed package to more fully facilitate your goal of your well-being process.    

Combining modalities has numerous benefits such as revitalizing digestion and elimination, balancing metabolism, increased energy, and restoring hydration to the cells



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