Fermented Vegetables :Red Beets, Cabbage & Carrots

3 quarts of shredded raw red beets

1 quart of shredded raw cabbage

1 quart of shredded raw carrot

1 tbsp of caraway seed

4 large outer leaves of cabbage that have been wilted in boiling water (one for

each jar)

Body Ecology Vegetable Starter -1 envelope is recommended.

1 tbsp of Agave to feed the starter

Equipment Needed:

4 one-quart wide mouth canning jars with lids.

A Cusinart or a hand grinder to run the raw vegetables through

Lasagna pan to place the jars in

1. Heat ½ cup water until it is 92 degrees or when dropped on your wrist that you

cannot feel it. (Lukewarm) Then put the starter and Agave into the water and

let sit 20 minutes to activate the beneficial bacteria.

2. Mix the vegetables and put 2 cups into a blender with 2 cups of water blend to

make a thick juice.

3. Stir in the starter and mix into the vegetables tossing with the caraway seed.

4. Pack into the 4 jars pressing down leaving 2 inches of head space. You can use a

potato masher if desired. Pack this space with the wilted cabbage leaf. Loosen

lids and sit in an area of 70 - 75 degrees for 4 days.

5. After 4 days tighten the lids, wash the jars off and store in refrigerator up to

12 months.

Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius