Frozen Fruit Dessert


1 - 16 oz. Bag of Frozen Black Cherries
1 cup or more of Hempseed Vanilla Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tbsp Maca
1 scoop Lepterra

Agave for finish

In a Vita-Mix Blender place all the ingredients.  Start out on low then take it to high.  You will have to tap down the ingredients with the tamper.  

OR: In a regular blender you will need to add enough hempseed milk to make it work.  The finish product may come out more like a very thick milk shake, but the taste will be great.

Scoop into serving dishes and drizzle Agave over each dish.  Without the Agave this tastes okay.  But, after drizzling the Agave, the flavors pop and rivals any frozen Specialty desert on the market.

Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius