Flaxseed "Oatmeal"


Note: This recipe requires preparation the night before.

2/3 Cup Golden Flaxseed
1 Cup Water
1 Drop Orange, Lemon, or Grapefruit Essential Oil
1¾ Cup of Almond Vanilla or Hempseed Vanilla Milk
1 Tbsp Maca, optional
1 Scoop Accell
½ tsp Vanilla
1. In a Jar combine the flax, water, and essential oil. Shake to mix and set in refrigerator overnight. (Flaxseed Mixture)

2. The Next day, put almond milk, maca, accell, vanilla, and the contents of the soaked flaxseed into the Vita Mix. Blend on high until the seeds are all blended. Less than a minute. Check the texture and blend again until you reach desired consistency.

3. Place in serving dish and serve with Agave or sweetener of choice.

Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius