What Is Nutritional Therapy?


Let’s take a look at what causes nutritional depletion and why Nutritional Therapy is needed:

The already serious enzyme depletion of our food is then accentuated by the way most Americans eat.  We gulp down pesticide-laden coffee and pastries concocted of refined flour, sugar, and margarine for breakfast, rush by fast-food restaurants for lunch, and grab canned or frozen sauces and soups, chemically treated vegetables, hormone-laden meats, and hybridized grains to microwave for dinner.  Meanwhile, in the constant quest for flatter stomachs and trimmer thighs, we consume artificial sweeteners and fake fats by the pound. 

In addition to these agricultural and dietary factors, there are a number of other sources of enzyme depletion integral to modern living, from the poisoning of enzymes by chemical exposure to the common dental practice of root canals.

All poisons, including pesticides, work by poisoning (destroying) enzymes in both plants and animals – and since enzymes are the life source of your body, any substance that kills enzymes is a threat to your health.  In these categories that challenge our health are:  Pesticides and Chemicals, Hybridization and Genetic Engineering, Bovine Growth Hormone, Pasteurization, Irradiated Food, Excess Intake of Unsaturated and Hydrogenated Fats, Cooking at High Temperatures, Microwaving, Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields, Geopathic Stress Zones, Flouridated Water, Heavy Metals, Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings, and Root Canals.  (Information taken from The Enzyme Cure)

Nutritional Therapy looks at the natural body cycles and their requirements:  Understanding the natural body cycles provides a fundamental perspective on important factors governing a person’s health and longevity.  Whenever we learn to work with nature rather than figure out how to get away with unnatural lifestyles, we find it easy to accomplish our goals in health and in life.  If we eat, exercise and sleep in cooperation with our innate, natural rhythm, we experience greater effectiveness in our endeavors.  Usually, we also earn the right to continued survival in this world to the full span of our years.

No single diet is right for everyone.  Different people have different nutritional requirements.  Not only are people bio-chemically individual, but at different times in life and in different climates and in different lifestyles, people’s nutritional requirements vary greatly.

However, THE PRO-VITA! DIET IS THE HUB AROUND WHICH YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN HEALTHY NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM, regardless of age (after weaning), environment, race, occupation or lifestyle.

As a general rule, Dr. Wheelwright taught WHEN you eat a certain food is often of greater importance than WHAT the food is.  Poor quality foods eaten at the “right” time does less damage than good foods eaten at the “wrong” time.  Basically, there is a time to eat, a time to live, and a time to sleep.  All eating causes the body to work and adapt.  This activity occurs best at certain times of the circadian rhythms.

The goal of the Pro-Vita! Plan is far more than eating detrimental foods at the best time.  It is eating the best foods at the best time for the best health.  So, NUTRITIONAL THERAPY is understanding and becoming aware of our daily nutrition needs and intake.

The Nutritional Therapy does involve looking at our eating habits and how to transition or shift into an application that supports the needed improvement and healthy lifestyle.  .

As people become more healthy and vital, they naturally shift to an earlier breakfast time.  In clinical practice we see that the people who neglect the Pro-Vita! Plan principles and continue with fruit or sugary cereals for breakfast, are those who fail to build strong energy glands (thyroid, adrenals).  They remain slightly tired, with dark circles under their eyes, and continue to battle allergies despite supplementation therapies.  If their cellular protein levels were higher, they would not swing into lower blood sugar levels and crave the sugars to get going.  It is simply a nutritional fact that fruit for breakfast will not build adrenal tissue.   .  (Information from chapter 8 of Pro-Vita!)



Herbal Therapy comes from our Creator who gives us herbs as our medicine.                   Dr. Wheelwright took this to the ultimate by giving us guidelines and formulas to work with.  The Herbal Therapy would start at least 2 weeks before the  Colonic Irrigation Program and continue with a 4 to 6 week Rebuilding Program.

Herbal Therapy starts with looking at why the imbalance is in the system. The skilled practitioner will immediately identify the first step in helping the individual to enlist their innate healing abilities.  With all health issues there is a need for therapeutic herbal digestive enzymes specific to each individual to ensure the breakdown of the current food intake, so the systems of the body have the raw materials to work with and not add more to the backlog of symptoms with unusable undigested toxic substances.  To this we would add herb formulas to ensure the communication and hydration and drainage of the systems.  Then tailored to each individual would be herb formulas to balance and clear the systems to enable the bodies own innate healing to take place.  After a period of clearing, detoxifying and building, it will be clear if there is a “weakest link” that is needed to be supported.  This enables the highest progression of restored health to continue.

The shift in well-being can be felt in the office as items are given during the session.  This well-being should continue to progress showing that we are on the right track.

Dr. Wheelwright affirmed that people could endeavor to correct glandular dominance by supporting both the dominant gland and the opposing glands with his precise herbal-glandular nutritional formulas.  This would bring better balance and overall health.

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