Stress Therapy/BIE - Bio-Energetic Intolerance Elimination

Let’s face it: Life is often stressful. But unchecked stress can affect every aspect of your life, from your concentration and emotional wellbeing to your physical health. At Bridge to Higher Health in Camp Hill, PA, we offer professional, effective treatments for stress. Our therapies are designed to refresh the mind, care for the body, and nurture the spirit in order to help restore balance in your life.



I see clients that have health issues ranging from A to Z.  What Bioenergetics or BIE is, it’s one of our modalities that enables a person’s body to adapt to the things (stressors) that are causing the actual health issues. 

BIE Simplified - Electromagnetic Signature



Every substance in the universe vibrates with its own unique vibrational frequency referred to as an electromagnetic fingerprint or signature”.  When exposed to a specific substance, the body will either recognize its signature or it won’t.

Electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, microwaves, wifi, computers, household wiring, etc. can enter cells through the cell membrane and build up internally, thereby, altering the cell’s balance.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 90% of all illness is directly related to stress

The American Medical Association has noted that stress was the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness & disease.

An astonishing one out of every three North Americans is affected by food or environmental sensitivities of one kind or another. 

Every week, over 100 million North Americans suffer some form of stress-related symptoms for which they take medication.

Once the stressor is recognized, the systems can then differentiate whether it’s good or bad, harmful or non-harmful, and deal with it accordingly, allowing for healing and consequently alleviating suffering.

Soothe Your Mind and Body

At Bridge to Higher Health, We’ve created an environment in which you can reset your issues and start healing. Our experienced technicians will treat you with compassion and care, and our therapies are designed to help bring you back into balance where you can handle the tension and stress you are being exposed to. 

Create a calmer and more balanced vitality. 

Free your mind. Nurture your body. Heal your soul.  Let the tension melt away with stress therapy. Call today for your appointment.  717-737-7224