Vanilla Soft Custard


2 Scoops Vanilla - American Whey Protein Powder or Vanilla - Lepterra Meal Replacement
½ Cup Vanilla Almond Milk or Hempseed Vanilla Milk
1 Cup Ice Cubes
½ tsp. Vanilla
1. Place all ingredients into blender. Blend on "High." Within 30 seconds you will have a vanilla custard. Make sure your blender will handle the task of grinding ice cubes. I prefer to use a Vita Mix Blender. (When using a Vita Mix, use the tamper to push the ice cubes down into the mixture as you are blending on high.)

Fruit can be added to this recipe for more flavor. Instead of ice cubes, frozen fruit of your choice can be used. If using the frozen fruit, you will need 16 oz. bag to work with as the fruit is not as dense as the ice cubes to get the same consistency of soft ice cream.
We have used black sweet cherries, blueberries, pineapple, or peaches. One application is to use the black sweet cherries and spoon the mixture over frozen blueberries for variety of flavor. Frozen bananas can be used in the vanilla custard for more of a banana split taste and poured over frozen fruit.

Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius