Quick Vegetarian Meal

1 Bunch Kale, cleaned and chopped
1 Can Cannelli Beans or Bean of your choice
2 to 4 Cups Butternut Squash, matchstick cut

1. Place beans in the middle of a skillet with the chopped kale making up the outside circle. Over the top, place the matchstick cut butternut squash.

2. Place about 1/3 cup or so of water in bottom and bring to a steam. Will be done in approximately 5 to 10 minutes depending on your preference of texture.

3. Make a garlic dressing to serve or serve with roasted garlic grapeseed oil or rosemary grapeseed oil.

Any leftover meat can be added to the middle or in place of the middle. Rice, seasoned or plain, is a good choice to add to the middle. If Collards are substituted for the Kale, you will need a little longer cooking time.
Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius