Southwestern Chicken

1 tsp. Ground Cumin
1 Tbsp. Marjoram
2 Tbsp. Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil
2 lbs. Ground Chicken Breast
1 Drop Essential Oil, if desired
Salt, if desired sprinkle over mixture and mix thoroughly

1. Add the seasonings to the grapeseed oil and pour into the ground chicken. Mix throughly. Form the mixture into meatballs or patties.

2. Heat the Oil Core Skillet to 350 degrees. It is ready when you flick water from your fingertips and the water dances in little balls. Place mixture into the skillet - placing them close together. Within a minute they will be brown so turn them over.

3. Place lid on top and turn temperature gauge to 190 degrees. They will be done in about 20 minutes depending on the thickness.
Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius