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  • Biofeedback - Energizing the Natural Life Force
  • Lymphatic - Decongestive Therapy
  • Colon Cleanse Irrigation - Eliminate Toxins for Better Health
  • Nutrition - Food Is Your Medicine For Optimal Health – Pro Vita Plan
  • Herbology - God’s Healing Plants and Tissue Support
  • B.I.E. - Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination               

 What is Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback EPFX which is based on Quantum Physics is scientifical, proven to reduce stress and find the energetic imbalances of stressors such as viruses, nutritional imbalances, allergies, abnormalities, and food sensitivities affecting health. The client will gain an understanding of their possible needs, dysfunctions, and vulnerabilities. 

What is Lymphatic De-Congestive Therapy?

Our Lymphatic system is primarily responsible for carrying disease-fighting material to cells attacked by germs, transporting the dead germs away and supplying protein-rich plasma fluid back to the heart.  When this system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by virus, fungi, and bacteria. 

When the lymphatic system is blocked, the infection-fighting material is prevented from destroying germs.  Cell nourishing material is prevented from reaching the bloodstream.  This condition results in providing a breeding ground for pathogenic material. 

The LymphStar Pro is a tool that will allow the certified user to effect a method that safely removes blockages and toxins in the lymphatic system of the body.  The lymphatic system is highly underrated.  It plays a critical role in preventing illness and keeping us healthy.


What is a Colon Cleanse Irrigation Program?

It is a comprehensive program to facilitate the removal of impacted fecal matter, viruses, bacteria, and parasites that inhibit the colon’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and promote good health. If the colon is full of sludge or impacted fecal matter, how can nutrients be absorbed and used by the body? A clean colon is the foundation of good health! 

What sets our system apart and above the rest is our filtration system before it even enters into the unit filtration.  Colon hydrotherapy units have a 5-micron filter, a carbon filter and an ultra violet light.    Plus, we have a pre-filter system consisting of 2 large 4' cylinders that filter chemicals from the water, a ½ micron filter that filters out heavy metals, giardia, cyrptosporidium, and parasite cysts.  Then it goes through an industrial ultra violet light to ensure purity and safety. A unique added feature is the final application of re-organizing the chaos of the filtered water which happens as it is run through an energized water field that helps create higher levels of communication in the cells resulting in more efficient colonics and a better sense of well being without the usual abdominal bloating after a colonic session.  

 What is BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE)?

You may not consider yourself as one who has intolerances if you don’t experience coughs, wheezing, watery itchy red eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose. However, if you exhibit any physical health problems at all, chances are some of them may be related to intolerances to foods or environmental substances that result in inflammations. These intolerance-related issues are all stressors causing imbalance or symptoms.  BIE is used to bring the systems into balance.  This is also called Stress Therapy.  

Other common intolerance-related issues are: arthritis, memory loss, acne, learning disabilities, poor sleep, phobias, depression, fatigue, hemorrhoids, rash or hives, constipation or diarrhea, learning disabilities, nightly urination, gas or bloating, abdominal cramps, bad breath or body odor, phobias, tickle in throat or scratchy throat, mood swings, weight gain.

Biofeedback Analysis is a phenomenal, scientific method to detect sensitivities via a unique scientific technology, BIE (BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination)--a proven method for desensitizing food, environmental, and chemical sensitivities. No needles. No drugs. 


Ancient medicine to balance the body and mind by Andrew Crimmel

InLight Wellness Therapy

Polychromatic Light Therapy: 


What Can You Expect?

Lose unwanted weight, Improve Immune System Functioning, Eliminate unpleasant symptoms, Increase energy, Improve allergies, Healing etc.

Infrared Sauna 

Aqua Detox Foot Baths

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