Herb Turkey Cutlets

6 Dark Turkey Cutlets
Organically Infused Lemon Grapeseed Oil, One Drop Lime Essential Oil, if desired
Dragon Rub or Other Seasonings

Oil Core Skillet or Heavy Pan with Lid

1. Drizzle the lemon grapeseed oil lightly over the cutlet. Lightly sprinkle with Dragon Rub and evenly spread with a utensil.

2. Roll up as a jelly roll.

3. Place in the oil core skillet. Set the temperature for 190 degrees. Ready to eat in 1 ½ hours. Will keep in the pan at the perfect temperature and texture 3 to 6 hours.
This same procedure can be done using turkey breast cutlets and Nantucket Rub or plain caraway seed. Use your imagination! I like the results when I put the caraway seed in the blender to make it into a powdery texture to use. Also, works great with the Chicken cutlets (which will cook much quicker).
Carol Brosius
Carol Brosius