• Seasonal Program: Autumn explores the inter-relationship of the gastrointestinal, immune and neurological systems. By understanding how the GI system impacts immune surveillance and brain health, you will be able to help guide your patients to better health, starting at the core. Autumn is the ideal time to focus on the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms and improve gastrointestinal function in order to prime the immune system and shore up the body’s reserves. The best time to prepare the body for the rigors of winter is not during the winter season, but before.

     Restore integrity to the gastrointestinal mucosa, enhance digestive function, repopulate the microbiome, and optimize immune function.




  •  Winter examines how an integrative approach can be used to optimize immunity, support a healthy mood and enhance resiliency. We all know that the shorter days that accompany winter can mean additional stressors for the body. The immune system is challenged as influenza and other viral illnesses become more prevalent, while those with seasonal affective disorder experience worsening fluctuations in mood and energy. The primary focus during this season is to support the body in maintaining resiliency. The Seasonal Program will teach you how to:
  • Use evidence-based, targeted nutritional supplementation, essential oils and botanical remedies to optimize cell-mediated immune function, enhance mental clarity, maintain healthy mood and energy, and ensure restful sleep.