10 Day Mucus Cleanse

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 Intestinal Mucus Cleanse Program

Why would I need a Mucus Cleanse Program?  

Mucus in our body can also be called Biofilm or Mucoid Plaque.  We are all familiar with the phlegm/drainage at times we can feel down the back of the throat.  We think of it as sinus drainage caused by some kind of environmental irritant or we are feeling as if we are being attacked by some kind of virus, bacteria, etc.  This can buildup in any part of our bodies, but especially in our colons, our lungs, our sinuses, and urinary tract.  If we have a colon issue, we have a health challenge building.  

So, through various sources of information we have come to grasp this is the stuff within that causes us to live with symptoms of out-of-balance. and eventually develop into disease patterns or just not feel right.  

A book:  Prof. Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet HEALING SYSTEM annotated, revised, and edited by Prof. Spira 2014 edition  page 115 discusses how eating a certain way will release a great amount of dissolved waste, debris, mucus and other poisons into the circulation causing you strong cravings for wrong foods that were at one time your favorites.  This is why it is of extreme importance that every meal of a diet of healing and cleansing must leave the body as soon as possible.   An aid to elimination is colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and intestinal formulas to speed up the elimination process.  You need to be clearing the bowels daily and having bowel movements 2 to 3 x a day.  

A very good aid to elimination which can be used during the transition diet period until the bowels are cleansed from the old sticky waste and until such time as the bowels act freely from the new diet, is a harmless herb vegetable compound and the most efficient intestinal broom and bowel regulator known - recipe is on page 116 of the 2014 edition referenced.  Currently, we have several new Systemic Formulas for the microbiome which are a great aid in helping the bowels move well and we have gentle, effective laxative formulas.  We only use the formulas as needed while the body is coming into a healing state. 

How would a Mucus Cleanse Program benefit me?

You benefit from a Mucus-Free Program when you notice your symptoms are turning into vitality & energy.  You will be sleeping well through the night.allowing the repairing and rebuilding of the systems to take place.  Your skin will get soft, hydrated, and you will notice the excess inches around your middle melting away.  You will be eating well and feeling satisfied..

Each person is unique.  That is why I  energy test each client to reset their body systems before we start a program to insure all components are able to be used productively to bring health to a balanced state.  Our bodies know how to heal if we clean up the terrain. 

Our program to kick start a Mucus Cleanse Program can easily be accomplished in 10 days.  To add to the food adjustment, we have 3 specific formulas to help dissolve the mucus and disrupt all pathogen activity.  A valuable tool in this program is the colon hydration and/or enemas.  We include several explanations of enema recipes and how to instructions.   Either of these can be used to start the program and at day 10 after taking the a specific Formula on day 9 of the program, again, you will want to either do a colonic or do an enema.    

I tell my clients if they can do just the 12 to 18 hour fast one day a week, you are allowing your systems more time to detox the mucus and repair.  Then incorporate clean eating from the list of mucus - free foods to help your systems progress.  

This program is custom designed and supported with professional guidance for your needs.  If you are not familiar with enemas, please use the  information we provide to clarify any questions you may have and find an enema formula to suit your needs or use a plain water enema adding a probiotic , if you prefer.  But, a coffee enema is used to detox the liver. 

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We incorporate formulas only as needed as symptoms may present themselves.  Each person is unique and may need to address the same issue from a different perspective.